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These are the galleries from a December, 2010 trip which included  some cities in Brazil and a cruise on the Amazon.  Each photo journal provides scenic photos of that location and the surrounding areas. 
We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as Joe did taking them!

Sao Paulo

Iguazu Falls

Rio De Janeiro


Amazon Cruise


Rio Negro

Each of these beautiful photo journal galleries include other areas and the countryside surrounding several of the cities in Brazil.

Some Interesting facts about Brazil:

  • Brazil ranks worldwide 5th both in population and area numbers (population after China, India, USA and Indonesia and Area after Russia, Canada, China and USA);
  • Brazil is the country that extends the longest longitudinally (2800 miles long - approx. the distance from NYC to Reno, NV);
  • Brazil is the world's largest producer of sugar cane, coffee, tropical fruits, frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ), and has the world's largest commercial cattle herd at 170 million;
  • The largest stadium in the world can be found in Rio de Janeiro. It is called Maracana.  Two hundred thousand people can attend a soccer game in this stadium.

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Please allow time for display of sample photos and the entire photo journal on Fototime, when viewing selected photos.  Depending on your computer and internet speed, this may take several minutes when viewing larger photos and our galleries.

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