Baddeck (Cape Breton Island), & Nova Scotia, Canada
          Scenic City & Surrounding Areas

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Once a shipbuilding center, Baddeck is a gateway for Cape Cabot Trail, named for John Cabot, the first European explorer to visit the island, is a 185-mile loop through magnificent scenery in the northwest of Cape Breton.
The highway rollercoasters through climbs and drops, providing spectacular views of forested hills and surf-washed beaches —  the kind of views that inspired famous area resident Alexander Graham Bell to call Cape Breton the most beautiful place in the world. The diversity of the landscape is fascinating, from ocean and lake shore to lush river valleys and looming mountains, dotted with fishing villages, small towns, and Acadian villages. The Acadians trace their heritage to 17th-century French colonists who settled many parts of the area, and as far south as Maine.
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Cape Briton Highlands National Park is a grand, remote wilderness caught between two coasts.  Wind sweeps the park's highlands, reminiscent of Scotland's,  from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Atlantic.  The park is home to black bears, moose, eagles and myriad birds, and whales can often be seen just offshore.
The center of the island, south of the park, is dominated by Bras d'Or Lakes, meaning "Arms of Gold," in French.  Many major rivers empty into the lake, a large body of salt water teeming with marine life and with rich oyster and lobster fisheries.
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