Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada --
Scenic City & Surrounding Areas

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Prince Edward Island is 140 miles long and 64 miles wide — Canada’s smallest and most densely populated province — with an approximate population of 123,000.  The island is Canada’s main producer of potatoes; fishing and tourism also help the local economy.
Its indigenous people were the Micmac, a nomadic group who moved around according to the hunting season.  They lived an isolated life without any outside influence, until 1534 when French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived.  The French did not set up any formal settlement until 200 years later; they were quickly thereafter driven out by the British. Britain sold the lots on the island to people in England who in turn leased their newly purchased land to local tenants.  It was in 1853 when the local government started purchasing some of the lots in order to put a stop to absentee landlordship.  The island joined the Canadian Confederation in 1873.
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Charlottetown is the capital of the province, the smallest capital city in Canada with a population of approximately 45,000.  It is best known in Canada as the first place where the meetings were held to discuss uniting Canada (1864).  In 1867, an agreement was met and the Dominion of Canada was created.
Places of interest include the Confederation Centre of the Arts consisting of a museum, library, and theater; the Province House, the 19th-century courthouse where the meetings were held to form the Dominion; and St. Paul’s, the oldest Protestant church on the island (1747).

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