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In Nova Scotia, no location is more than 35 miles from the sea. This feature has greatly influenced the history and character of the province, and the sea tends to keep the weather moderate. For generations, the numerous bays and inlets of the rugged coastline have provided shelter for small fishing villages, especially along the southern shores. Here, the first settlers and pirates came, followed by Loyalists and immigrants from across Europe. From the inland forests and the rolling hills and scenic farm country of the Annapolis Valley, to the mountainous terrain of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia is a land of contrasting topography.
With one of the finest harbors in the world, Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, was founded in 1749 as a British stronghold, and it is the largest city in the Atlantic Provinces. The city was the home of Canada’s first representative government, first Protestant Church, and first newspaper. The port here is the busiest on the east coast because it's a year-round harbor. Canada’s largest naval base is also located here.
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The harbor was used as a British naval base during the American Revolution and the War of 1812; and during both World Wars, Halifax was a distribution center for supply ships heading for Europe. One of the most notable events in its history was the collision of a French munitions ship carrying a cargo of TNT with another foreign ship in the harbor. The result was the biggest unnatural explosion ever, prior to the A-bombs dropped on Japan. At that time, half the city was flattened, 2,000 people were killed, and windows were broken over 50 miles away.
Today, Halifax is an attractive metropolitan area — a modern, cosmopolitan urban center that retains an historic air. Heather, purple scotch thistle, and lupines evoke thoughts of Scottish gardens. Stroll the cobblestone streets of Historic Properties, Halifax's restored area, where you can shop for a variety of handmade articles. Or visit the Citadel, a star-shaped fort, on a hill overlooking the harbor. With several bases nearby, the military continues to contribute much to the economy, as do other major industries such as fishing, manufacturing, oil refining, and food processing.

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