Moab & Kayenta (Monument Valley) Photo Journal

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At the foot of red cliffs and the LaSal Mountains, Moab (pop. 4,700) was originally settled by Mormons in 1850. Their mission was to convert the Ute Indians, but the Mormons were eventually driven out.  In 1875, a new group of Mormon settlers arrived, naming the town Moab, "a far country on the edge of Zion," from the Bible.  The discovery of uranium in the 1950s changed Moab from a quiet agricultural town into a bustling center for mining and prospecting.  While the uranium boom passed, some oil and potash mining still contribute to the local economy.  Now tourism is becoming the main industry.
In the northern part of the Navajo Indian Reservation, Kayenta (pop. 8,600) is a major entrance to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  This colorful region covers several thousand square miles and lies within the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and Utah.  The park includes Monument Valley, a sandy plain from which rise monumentlike buttes of red sandstone towering as much as 1,000 feet above the valley floor.  There are also mesas and arches galore.

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