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Site of the 1967 World's Fair and the 21st Olympic games in 1976, Montreal is Canada's second largest city. Once the capital of the United Canada’s, Montreal is an island city comprised of many different neighborhoods, each with its own vibrancy and charm. This city has an atmosphere all its own ... friendly, romantic, and intriguing ... an interesting blend of things English and French.
Centuries ago, several Indian nations shared the area. As the Europeans came to settle, Montreal became a major fur-trading center and exploration base. Being valued as a prized possession, over the years the city has changed hands between the British and French, and even the Americans. By the late 1800s, Montreal saw a big boom as shipping and rail lines brought prosperity; and by 1900, it was considered the commercial and cultural center of Canada. Since its founding, Montreal has been a major port, and center for business, finance, and transportation. Education also plays an important role in the vital life of the city, as Montreal is home to prestigious McGill University. 
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One of the unique features that makes Montreal a city like no other is the underground city, filled with boutiques, shops, cafes, musicians, and people.  Underground passageways connect numerous building complexes in the downtown area, such as the Place Ville Marie, Place Bonaventure, and Place du Canada, as well as major hotels and train stations. Rich in cultural heritage, "Old Montreal" has a unique charm, with its narrow, cobblestone streets, intimate restaurants, and variety of squares. The port is never far away, and Montreal’s biggest park, Mont Royal, overlooks the city with great views of the surrounding area. Other attractions of note include St. Joseph’s Oratory, the Cathedral of Montreal, Olympic Park, the Biodome, and the Botanical Gardens.
From the Old Port waterfront district to the Casino de Montreal; from the Place Royale to Habitat 67; Montreal is truly a city of contrasts ... historical and modern ... nature and man ... English and French.

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