Moorea -- The Society Islands

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Moorea is everyone’s dream of the South Pacific with its jagged peaks cloaked in lush greenery.  Many people have described Moorea as the most beautiful place on earth. Here, you'll find the real South Seas' experience — a casual, barefoot existence amidst white-sand beaches and multi-hued lagoons surrounded by jagged mountains and volcanic spires that reach into the clouds, while below, valleys are blanketed with the colors that one only finds when tropical climates meet rich, volcanic soils.
Covered in an abundance of fresh fruits and flowers, spectacular mountain peaks, peaceful multi-hued lagoons and palm-fringed beaches — Moorea's awesome beauty is unsurpassed!  During your visit, you might wish to parasail high above the crystal-clear lagoon, embark on a dolphin-watching expedition with a marine biologist and witness these fascinating animals in their natural habitat, or try out some exciting watersports — like scuba diving among a host of interesting and amazing sea creatures.
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