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Located in the middle of the fruitful Kuangchung Plain, Xi’an is as far west as visitors usually go.  Xi’an was once one of the world’s largest, richest cities, and served as the capital for 11 of China’s dynasties.  As the starting point of the “Silk Road,” Xi’an also attracted the most outlandish foreigners.  Militarily and economically strategic since prehistoric times, this area is abundant with fertile fields, fallow plains, and bizarre terraces of loess — riddled with caves which provide alternative housing even to this day.  Xi’an’s main attraction is its rich archaeological past. 
Excavations in 1954 uncovered the entire Banpo Village of the Neolithic Age, making the city a cradle of Chinese civilization.  In the spring of 1974, local peasants accidentally discovered life-size terra cotta horses and warriors while digging an irrigation well.  Over 6,000 of these figures are said to have been buried in a 3.5 acre area leading to the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi, first emperor to unify China and builder of the Great Wall.  The Shaanxi Provincial Museum houses the “forest of stelae,” a superb collection of stone tablets with etchings of ancient texts.

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