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Yangtze River
The mighty Yangtze, or Changjiang, is the third longest river in the world (the Amazon is the longest, followed by the Nile).  At 3,910 miles, it is closest in length to the Mississippi.  Among the Chinese the name Yangtze is not as commonly used as Changjiang — simply, Long River.  This extensive waterway cuts through the heart of China, and it is regarded by the Chinese as marking the division of their country into north and south, both geographically and culturally.  The river rises in the far western part of China and flows through eight provinces before entering the Yellow Sea near Shanghai. Over 700 tributaries join the Yangtze along its course.


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Yangtze River Gorges
Spectacular sights to be seen directly along the Yangtze River are the Three Gorges:  Xiling Gorge, Wu Xia, and Qutang Gorge.  Each gorge has its own distinctive ambiance and points of historical interest.  Xiling Gorge is the longest and historically (prior to 1950) the most dangerous of the Yangtze Gorges.  It is comprised of seven small gorges and two rapids.  At the end of the gorge, the river widens dramatically as it approaches Gezhouba Dam.  Wu Xia (Witches Gorge) has cliffs so sheer that it is said the sun rarely penetrates here.  The twelve peaks of Wu Gorge are famed for their dark and somber grace, and have inspired poets to capture both their bleakness and beauty.  At the end of the gorge was Flint Rapid, which had limestone rocks jutting into the river, beckoning helpless craft. 
In 1950, to improve safety, these rocks and others in areas along the river were blown up.  Qutang Gorge is the shortest but grandest of all three gorges, with its perpendicular cliff walls and dramatic vistas.  Its widest point is less than 500 feet.  Mists frequently swirl around the mysterious limestone peaks, some nearly 4,000 feet high, giving the area an “other-worldly” aura.

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