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Zion National Park encompasses 230 square miles including Zion Canyon, a spectacular gorge in dramatic desert and canyon country.  The Virgin River has cut its valley through this strangely colored land of sandstone, shale, and limestone.  The southern entrance to the park is between the gigantic stone masses of the West Temple and the Watchman. From a multicolored stairway, the red-brown Watchman looms 2,555 feet above the canyon floor.  West Temple (7,810 feet) is the most prominent formation in the southern section of the park. 
World famous Zion Canyon is about a half mile deep and a half mile wide at its mouth, narrowing to about 300 feet at the Temple of Sinawava.  This Temple is a huge natural amphitheater. In the center of the circle are the two large stone pillars known as the Altar and the Pulpit.  Many springs trickle from the walls of the canyon, and cascades tumble everywhere in early spring and after summer rains.  Other points of interest in Zion National Park include Angels Landing Trail, Bridge Mountain, Canyon Overlook Trail, and the Great White Throne, a towering rock formation whose shades of coloring range from white at its top to red near the bottom.

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